About Zoom Zoom

Zoom Zoom is based in Hanoi, Vietnam. We provide private/personalized day trips and multi-day trips from Hanoi for small groups.  These trips operate on a first come first served basis. Explore northern Vietnam, travel off the beaten path, meet the locals, eat delicious food, and meet other adventurers!

Zoom Zoom all started with Dzung…

My name is Dzung, or you can call me Zoom. I’m a Hanoian, but I’ve been lucky enough to travel to quite a few places. I find that spending my time outdoors is essential for my well-being, and it’s best to share this passion with others. My favorite outdoor activities include hiking, running, biking, kayaking and cross-country skiing. I love travel, learning from others, experiencing different cultures & customs, challenging my own assumptions, laughing (especially at myself) and sleeping under the stars.

Zoom Zoom started out of a passion for travel. I had been away from Vietnam, lived in different places for years and when I returned I realized that I didn’t want to settle or find a stable job, there was so much more to explore right here on my doorstep!

So, Zoom Zoom was born, my idea was that like-minded people would travel to nearby places to get away from the city smog, meet new people, get some exercise and generally experience Vietnam.

Over the years expats and travelers have come and gone and I have traveled extensively throughout northern Vietnam by motorbike, mountain bike, kayak and on foot.

Now, as a customized tour organizer, Zoom Zoom would like to give you a real personalized Vietnamese cultural and travel experience, you get to decide where you go, how long you go for and what you do when you get there!