Zoom Zoom Special

Zoom Zoom Special is the latest addition to our portfolio of trips, and it offers something a little bit different, and well, a little bit special.

Our new addition… cooking classes!

Life is full of things to experience and try. I have always loved cooking and I find it has always enriched my experiences in new places. I owe my cooking skills to the time I spent at the Old Hanoi Restaurant where I taught people to cook traditional Vietnamese food. I also give thanks to all the people I have shared a kitchen with along the way and swapped cooking tips. The process of shopping, preparing ingredients and cooking Vietnamese food is a great way to understand its history and culture. Whether you are a complete novice or a professional chef, this class promises to share some of Vietnam’s secrets and along the way you will have fun and of course eat some great food!

In this class you will collect ingredients from a very local wet market in Hanoi, and learn to cook traditional Vietnamese dishes with Zoom in her home in the West Lake area.