Ninh Bình (Multi-Day)

Ninh Bình is located south of the Northern Delta, between the Red and Ma Rivers. It is bordered by Nam Định, Hà Nam, Hòa Bình, and Thanh Hóa provinces.  Ninh Bình’s topography is divided clearly into 3 parts: the mountainous area in the west and northwest; the delta and coastal area in the east and south.  The sub delta climate, with an annual average temperature of 23 ceculate degrees, is divided into two seasons: the dry season from November to April, and the rainy season from May to October.

From Hà Nội to Ninh Bình province is 93 km on National Highway 1. The province is endowed with picturesque scenery. The provincial town of Ninh Bình has diverse landscapes because of its proximity to the mountains. With its otherworldly landscape of massive limestone karsts,  Ninh Bình is known as “Halong Bay on land.” Like the famed UNESCO World Heritage site three hours east of Hanoi, the destination is best viewed by boat. These are some great atractions of Ninh Bình:

Cúc Phương the Oldest National Forest in Vietnam and Tam Cốc, Bích Động.